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"I am my experiences"

My name is Massimo Frasca and I am a professional photographer and videographer specialized in the Wedding sector.

I was born in Anzio in the province

of Rome on 02-12-1990.

My interest in  photography and in video was born for reasons related to the many trips I made around the world, in fact before dedicating myself to the wedding sector I was involved in street photography, the so called "street photography". During these years several of my photographs have been published in very important magazines dedicated precisely to street photography in the world.

In weddings, through photos and videos, I try to tell the essence of love that binds two in a natural way and in full reportage style.rsone but above all my eye seeks and wants the spontaneity of things. 

During a wedding I try to capture the essence and importance of that day, in my photos and videos I document every little detail, for me it is essential to describe every little facet.

I strongly believe in the importance of this work Why allows you to keep memories that remain 

indelible for life.

"In photography and video I found a safe place to confide and express my emotions"


During the stop of weddings due to Covid-19 it was difficult not being able to experience important stories like those that bind two people, I missed la possibility to tell through my art intimacy, love, the desire to be part of each other



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Via Santa Maria Goretti 94

Neptune, Rome 00048

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